We are doing our best every day to be as sustainable as possible. From GOTS-certified organic cotton and sustainable production to recycled packaging and climate neutral shipping.


These processes help us in minimizing our impact on the environment. To further compensate for our generated emissions, we are planting a tree for every product sold in our online store – so we can fight climate change together, one tree at a time.


Trees are vital for us and our planet. They provide us with fresh air, clean water, improve social wellbeing and serve as home for a variety of life forms. Serving as natural carbon sinks, trees are significantly contributing to fighting climate change.


Every year around 7.4 million hectares of forest are being destroyed by mankind, accounting for 17% of total climate change emissions. To directly counteract deforestation, we are planting a tree in your name together with Tree Nation for every product sold in our online store.  


Tree Nation is a non-profit organization with the mission to reforest the world and fight climate change, one tree at a time. With 96 reforestation and conservation projects Tree Nation helps to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities, and protect biodiversity.


Together with you and Tree Nation we are supporting the Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar. Madagascar is one of the oldest islands in the world and renowned for its exceptional landscape and biodiversity. More than 80% of the island's animal and plant species are endemic and hence depend on the existence of the unique ecosystem. However, since several years the island has been fighting with one ever-growing problem: deforestation. 


The Madagascar Reforestation Project was founded in 2007 as a reaction to the large-scale loss of the island's vital mangroves and highland forests. The goal of the initiative is to counteract not only the growing deforestation, but also the extreme poverty of the population by planting native trees. The Madagascar Reforestation Project works with local communities to create stable jobs with fair income.



This is how it works:


 For every product that you purchase in our online store we will finance a tree in your name. After checkout you will receive an email by Tree Nation with a link to plant the trees that we bought for you. 


You can have a look at our Company Forest to find out more about the planted tree species, the compensated CO2 emissions and the supported projects. 


Thus with every purchase you help us to make the world a better place and fight climate change together – one tree at a time. 

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